BULLY Says He HATES Cali's Song, Learns His Lesson | FamousTubeFamily
In this video a bully tells Cali he hates her song Starburst, but quickly learns his lesson.

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    • Kenya Kendrick
      Kenya Kendrick

      My kids love your song

    • MsStaccia


    • MsStaccia


    • Krystal shaw
      Krystal shaw

      Video I hope you subscribe and turn on your face I love your videos so much and thank you and I'll see you guys and

    • Lone and Oarabile
      Lone and Oarabile

      @Mathieu CLEGBAN o

  • aleenah Woods
    aleenah Woods

    Kelly I really love your song you did such a good job oh and before yesterday it was my birthday but you did such a good job on your song and it's a good thing that you got a lot of views 😍😘

  • Dereona Hill
    Dereona Hill


    • Dereona Hill
      Dereona Hill


  • MsStaccia


  • Annette Hewitt
    Annette Hewitt


  • Omario Brown
    Omario Brown

    Elie that was really rude to callle

  • sonic


  • Da'eleon Craig
    Da'eleon Craig

    hey cali and eli and cameiro and tray and kiki andlp[='|

  • Captain H Travis
    Captain H Travis

    I like this song

  • Louise Thompson
    Louise Thompson

    I love cali's song

  • Esther Elukpo
    Esther Elukpo

    I sput out when I saw his face.

  • Wanda Clark
    Wanda Clark


  • The Adventures Of Kamille
    The Adventures Of Kamille


  • Kathy Jacobs
    Kathy Jacobs

    I really enjoyed the skit and the message it send. It is so many kids out here that I'm being bullied by other kids.Thanks Famous Tube Family❤️

  • Zoe Justice
    Zoe Justice

    Cali I wish I made it with you

  • Diamine Julien
    Diamine Julien

    Because she has subscribers I’m proud

  • Ariyana Hiko
    Ariyana Hiko

    cool song

  • Kal L
    Kal L


  • Kal L
    Kal L

    I’m a big fan of you guys too much lol 😂 Love you all bess your family to

  • Jakya Blakney
    Jakya Blakney

    When that biy said he don’t like her song I was crying but I like her song but I don’t listen to it every day

  • Brian King
    Brian King

    You never did skits for a long time

  • Kennedy Omondi
    Kennedy Omondi

    shut it hater

  • Justiss Balgobin
    Justiss Balgobin

    I love your song so Munch

  • Brady p Keene12
    Brady p Keene12

    I like the song that he makes he did a good job doing it I’m proud of you guys

  • ꧁𝚜𝚊𝚍_𝙳𝙴𝙼𝙾𝙽꧂

    Wait you have a song oh yeah I watched both of the ones that have starburst

  • Rathiha Parameswaran
    Rathiha Parameswaran

    Hi we are welcome to come in for your birthday celebration for you tomorrow night and I am not feeling well today I will be there for a few days so you can get it done and let me know when you get here and thanks for coming over tomorrow thanks

  • Chelsea Cameron
    Chelsea Cameron

    Cali is the best singer ever

  • Nay jam
    Nay jam


  • Nadia Singh
    Nadia Singh

    lynnwood has been a

  • Khloe Chavez
    Khloe Chavez

    i love your song cali

  • Cadence Brown
    Cadence Brown

    Guys I love your videos are so cool

  • laura denial
    laura denial

    No one has a song

  • Trinity  Salas
    Trinity Salas


  • smooth friend gaming
    smooth friend gaming

    I like starburst I like calis song I like the voice live you cali

  • Hugo Ruvalcaba
    Hugo Ruvalcaba

    Kelly I like your song Kelly I like your song

  • Hugo Ruvalcaba
    Hugo Ruvalcaba

    Kelly I like your phone to

  • Five Night at freddy
    Five Night at freddy

    Eil is ok

  • Five Night at freddy
    Five Night at freddy

    Cail i love you im a boy

  • Fady Abdallah
    Fady Abdallah

    I love your song Cali

  • Yvonne Pride
    Yvonne Pride

    It was good ☺️

  • KizzyJack19

    I want you to go and check out Patty's Playhouse makeup video iCarly Playhouse what-have-you IDOC the remix Charlie and super Sia video

  • KizzyJack19

    Yeah I want you to play again

  • athena Vids
    athena Vids

    Love famous tube Family love you all❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍😘😘💕💕🤗🤗

  • athena Vids
    athena Vids

    Yes cali i see your song i like it🤗🤗😍😍🥰🥰😘😘❤️❤️

  • ShadrackTubeKIDS

    Will you change it back to FamousTubeKids?

  • smooth friend gaming
    smooth friend gaming

    This video is SO FUNNY AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

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  • Lamwell Mvundura
    Lamwell Mvundura

    I like your song it’s so good 😄😄😄

  • Sihaam Mukhtar
    Sihaam Mukhtar


  • Jujudrizzleboi

    i love the one super siya and cali

  • Zaniyah Fisher
    Zaniyah Fisher

    Zaniyah zaniyah zaniyah zaniyah Zaniyah

  • Play with lulu
    Play with lulu

    OMG I have the same shirt as Callie

  • Kem Ambrister
    Kem Ambrister

    I love your Song 🎵 cali

  • Destiny’s Child's
    Destiny’s Child's

    Tc and technology industry digitally will have your bylaws to be the product that we should have a good product and your new 💴❤️💩🐽🙉🤐😂😇🤪🥸🥺😡😱🤥🤔

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  • Steph Powell
    Steph Powell

    Halle I love you so I am love it so much say my name is Skyler Peyton me a pet place say Maddys stepfather say is you and

  • regina vitalis
    regina vitalis

    Cali elijah hates your song

  • avery the rap kid 645
    avery the rap kid 645

    i love calis song its so good

  • Fart Boi
    Fart Boi

    Sea Salt

  • Donald Harrell
    Donald Harrell

    Hi Kelly I know that that your brother is going your song but this will make you feel better since your brother is bullying your song

  • Debrianna Roberts
    Debrianna Roberts

    I wish my parents would support my dreams too they force me to become who they want me to be

  • No Boyz Allowed
    No Boyz Allowed


  • Noah f
    Noah f

    i don't like your song either

  • Karamjit Sandhu
    Karamjit Sandhu

    The song they’re watching I watch the song and I know how to sing it all

  • Shalequa Lett
    Shalequa Lett

    man pes stop

  • Quantea Pittman
    Quantea Pittman

    I. Like it

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson


  • Aidan ali
    Aidan ali

    I am kidding bro I like you

  • Aidan ali
    Aidan ali

    I hat you bro

  • Efrata Begashaw
    Efrata Begashaw

    I love you cali

  • Efrata Begashaw
    Efrata Begashaw

    I love this video so can you do this video again 😍😍😍

  • Nonam Kaya
    Nonam Kaya

    Wow your song is my favourite my favourite song from Nizibone

    • Nonam Kaya
      Nonam Kaya

      Say hi for me to your mum

  • T-E

    Cali song is the best

  • Marissa Roberts
    Marissa Roberts

    Cali is the queen of songs I 👍 every song I love her and she does good on every song

  • JUNIOR.E Walker
    JUNIOR.E Walker


  • Temi Balogun
    Temi Balogun

    Sorry Cali

  • feranda husi
    feranda husi

    3 Millions views!Congratulations Cali!!! And Eli was so mean to you Cali

    • Martha Moramarco
      Martha Moramarco

      You should never listen to bullies

  • 23klai

    I like calis music i just don, t listen to it all the time

    • Linda Harden
      Linda Harden

      Me to but I really love her music

  • hatem salem
    hatem salem

    Oh no he hates Cali song

  • Opeyemi Edgal
    Opeyemi Edgal

    So awesome Callie

  • Axiel Dominguez
    Axiel Dominguez

    Cali I have to say I love how you sang

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez

    Dfndfffsfgfsdffferyghfd Bbhfgj In C on

  • Ola abdullah
    Ola abdullah

    love you❤😘❤😘❤😘 so you my favorite IRglor. I'm sorry, I'm on a 5 and I don't really know how to write.

  • Allen and Joseph and cat
    Allen and Joseph and cat

    I am not not a bully I'm a fan

  • Allen and Joseph and cat
    Allen and Joseph and cat

    Never bully people add Kelly song was so cool

  • TheBlazingLion .R
    TheBlazingLion .R

    Love starburst

  • Temi Balogun
    Temi Balogun

    it’s a good song

  • Warren Kefeletswe
    Warren Kefeletswe

    I wish I was there

  • Warren Kefeletswe
    Warren Kefeletswe

    The song is the best song ever

  • Denise Wilson
    Denise Wilson

    Be nice to everyone

  • Angela Sparks
    Angela Sparks

    People bully because they are jealous of people.never bully.

  • Marie france Mbohou
    Marie france Mbohou

    He's lying cali don't mind him i like your song

  • Yuryqa Ajid
    Yuryqa Ajid

    You you. Yu

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller

    Elijah Boyd kally about her song

  • Danyal Sahil
    Danyal Sahil


  • Paula Whittington
    Paula Whittington

    Up see you said right now it’s awesome colors can’t you see that I didn’t subscribe so give him his legs someone who likes OK Kelly OK cries give him some of your comments no I’ll give him some of your comments from your card OK Aaliyah stop being mean to your own sister I’m tired to mirror mirror Beaute keep being me then I’m not giving you like Singapore because I’m not subscribing to you anymore so give him some of your likes to cause I’m going to cry and I can’t take anymore because you know what I’m not giving you cards anymore this is why I am not going on TickTock see you dancing gay gay gay gay Callie you are embarrassing me because stop crying you’re being annoying you know what I’m taking like a way into my life now so ha ha so I don’t like your song either I kind a like your voice but I like your song just kidding I like the song but just give Elijah some of your comments now I can’t believe you do you know what Kelly I don’t want to see you anymore because I don’t want to see you images I don’t want to see you on TickTock to sing dancing and doing a TickTock you say oh hey guys want to do a song no give Elijah some of your comments this is OK I sound like it’ll change it’s OK she’s OK give him some of your comments before I punch you because I have gymnastics and I can call me on your face and kick you because right now you’re a teacher I’m gonna tell your teacher that you gave you didn’t give anyone anybody or comments but you are just a ledge is so sad but you know what I don’t want to see you in my dreams again every time you do it it’s just that give him some of your comments in your TickTock comments you know what forget your comments don’t want them anymore look at Finneys KAAAAK to make a a a a snake a AAA

  • obang girma
    obang girma

    Omg Cali Im in love with your Starburst song

  • Duras Music Entertainment
    Duras Music Entertainment

    6:00 Mr. Right Inspiring And Motivating People And People's Hearts Wit His Powerful Words

    • Jadanni Thomas
      Jadanni Thomas

      Love you ex girlfriend

  • Duras Music Entertainment
    Duras Music Entertainment

    5:42 Yeah He's Right Those Words By The Way Impacted My Heart In A Good Way

  • Kim Heart
    Kim Heart